Home School visit to NewTek, San Antonio, Texas

Thankyou for your attendance today at NewTek,

I hope everyone enjoyed the experience and that you felt comfortable and enjoyed the discourse. I am thinking that if you enjoyed the experience and felt you wanted a return visit with the group, i would be partial to that and suggest it to my company.

A return visit will involve a more formal purpose in the content i would prepare. I have some fun exercises in fundamentals that tap into the creative process. This will hopefully be as much fun to the Parent as to the Student. Or possibly, it could be an overview of Animation History or Art History in General, I am open to suggestion.

Returning to today’s discourse , here are the links i promised. These links consist of specifics of Artistic processes, from Exhibition process to exercises in drawing.

Please pursue at your leisure. Suggestions for me covering other aspects of art, i will do my best. Please click on title to access video. All my videos I have uploaded to YouTube.

The basics of Drawing, Part 1

The Basics of Drawing, Part 2

This section deals with drawing perspective.

One point perspective

Two point perspective

Below are links that record my attempts at drawing and painting on location during business trips abroad.

How to pass the time on a train with a sketchbook?

Watercolor painting of a famous bridge.

Below are a bunch of blogs i wrote to help address aspects of the philosophy behind sketching and other artistic disciplines such as why composition is important.

Anatomy of process

The Art of Sketching

Creating a virtual landscape with NewTek’s 3D Application, LightWave.

I hope this is good for starters and i hope we can arrange another opportunity for a visit.

Bye bye for now,

Graham Toms

P.S. I would appreciate any photographs of today’s adventure that I can add to this blog to enhance the blogs dowdy and badly written text.  Photographers please Email to bluerider451@googlemail.com

If you have drop box, even better!!!!!

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LiveStream Tutorials

This blog will be devoted to LiveStream tutorial overviews. The menus above will title the Livetream lessons.

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